Section Information

Seattle Section invite you to join us 

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) meets every  second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  Pizzas and drinks  are usually provided. Section Officers, Committee Chairs, Society Chapter Chairs and Student Branch officers are expected to attend the EXCOM meetings. All IEEE Seattle members are welcome.  See the Calendar of Events section for meeting time and  locations each month.

Before each EXCOM meeting,  at 6pm, an inspiring technical seminar  sponsored by  various Technical Society Chapters  will discuss  whats hot, whats new in industries and state of art technologies.  Please join us , all  members and non members are  welcome.

Please submit your Project Funding Request form to Seattle Section Chair one week  prior to EXCOM meeting. You will be placed on the agenda to present your program  proposal.

Please submit your  reimbursement requests and supporting receipts to the Seattle  Section Treasurer using the 2019 Expense Reimbursement Request form.

Section Officers / Committees

Position                 Name Phone Email
Section Chair Joseph Williams
Section Vice Chair Bradford Bittle 515-822-3442
Section Secretary David Green  360-668-2988
Section Treasurer Yury Shefer
PACE Chair Sheree Wen
SIGHT Chair Sheree Wen
Membership Chair Joe Decuir
Mike Becker
Member-at-Large Eric Godo 
Award chairs Abhilash Manjunath
 K-12 chair Brandon Clark
Nominating Committee Alon Newton  425-442-6329
Past Section Chair Harold Javid
YP Chair Matthew Bihis (Chair)

Tony Hua-Wong


PSEC Representative Dave Butcher 206-455-0850
Women In Engineering Chair Carrie Smith
Consultants Network Alon Newton 425-442-6329
Future City Competition Karen Pavletich
Student Activities Chair Bradford Bittle 515-822-3442
Publicity Chair Michael Brisbois
Webmaster Dave Butcher 206-455-0850
Past Chairs
Harold Javid
  Alon Newton (2017-2018)
Xiaodong He (2016)
Sheree Wen (2014- 2015)
Jeff Glickman (2013)
Mike Becker (2012)
Dick Wilkins (2011)
Dave Butcher (2010)
Erik Godo (2009)
Joe Decuir (2008)
Andrew Rees (2007)
Curtis Lu (2006)
Karen Pavletich (2004-2005)
Rich Christie (2003-2004)
Alvin Moser (2002-2003)
Sheri Rees (2001-2002)
John Nierenberg (2000-2001)
Franklin Lu (1999-2000)
Leann Kostek (1998-1999)
Steve Brown (1997-1998)
Don Yuen (1996-1997)
Swarn Kumar (1995-1996)
Stephen Allen (1994-1995)
Jose Bolanos (1993-1994)
Hardev Juj (1992-1993)
Mani Venkata (1991-1992)
Paul Kostek (1990-1991)
Don Schafer (1989-1990)
Erling Hesla (1988-1989)
CV Chung (1987-1988)
Rob Tiplin (1986-1987)
John Haworth (1985-1986)
Jerry Dinsdale (1984-1985)
John Barnett (1983-1984)
Satoru Tashiro (1982-1983)
J M Czak (1981-1982)
R J Coe (1980-1981)
Layton Bergen (1979-1980)
Daniel A. Lyons (1978-1979)
Robert I. Theme Jr. (1977-1978)
Albert Kaye (1976-1977)
Daniel G. Dow (1975-1976)
C.P. (Pat) West (1974-1975)
J.W. (Jack) Richardson (1973-1974)
Paul Jennings (1972-1973)
Edward Early (1971-1972)
Richard Schulz (1970-1971)