Section Chapters

A Technical Society is made up of individual IEEE members and affiliates interested in a specific area of electrotechnology. There are now 44 individual IEEE Societies within the IEEE. The Seattle Section has 13 active Society Chapters.

Society Chapters

Society Chapter Chair Phone Email
Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES-10) Tyler Marshall 425-298-3561
Circuits and Systems (CAS-04) Jacques Chris Rudell 206-685-1600
Solid State Circuits Chapter(SSC-037) Jacques Chris Rudell 206-685-1600
Communications Society/Vehicular Technology/Broadcast Technology/Information Technology/Intelligent Transportation Systems (COM-19 VTS-6 BT-2 IT-12 ITSS-38) Alon Newton 425-442-6329
Computer (C-16) Dave Butcher 206-455-0850
Education (E-25) Jacob Murray 425-405-1735
Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMB-18) Matt Hedlund 206-291-7287
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC-27) Dennis Lewis 425-232-5931 
Industry Applications (IA-34) Gary Anderson 206-749-2249
Antennas and Propagation (AP-03)Electron Devices (ED-15)Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT-17) Deuk Heo 509-335-1302
Oceanic Engineering (OE-22) Skip Denny 360-437-7917 
Power Electronics (PEL-35) Bryce Hesterman 970-204-9615
Power and Energy Society (PE-31) Abdur Rehman 206-349-4531
Signal Processing Society (SP-01) Adam Loper  217-303-6158
IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society(TEM-014) Helene Crowfoot 425-322-3884

Technical Society Chapters are required to annually report meeting activity. These reports are necessary for the Chapter to maintain viability and for the Section to earn rebate funding based on Chapter activity. These meeting reports should be submitted after each meeting is held.

Chapters must hold a minimum of two technical meetings per year and maintain a membership of at least ten members. Meeting reports can be submitted via web form at The Section Secretary should be copied using the “Email CClist” field on the bottom of the form.