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August 15th, 2014
logo IEEE Seattle Announces

110th Anniversary

Mobile Application Competition

 thomas-edison-quotes-sayings-wise-weakness-give-up  Alexander_Graham_Telephone_in_Newyork  Guglielmo_Marconi_1901_wireless_signal

On January 1, 1963, when AIEE and IRE merged into the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Seattle sections of AIEE and IRE also joined together and become –The Seattle Section of IEEE.

The members of IEEE Seattle have continuously innovated and played key roles in launching the digital age, the information age, and the cyber age.

To commemorate our founding fathers’ monumental impact on human life through their invention of telephone -first communication device, phonograph- first sound recording and replaying device, first radio and their dedication to electrical engineering profession, 130 years later, today, in this wireless mobile communication age we are launching the “IEEE Seattle 110th Anniversary Mobile APP Competition.”

We plan to offer top awards such as the “Thomas Edison Award”, the “Alexander Graham Bell Award”, and the “Guglielmo Marconi Award.” Various additional awards will also be given out in sponsors’ names at the Oct 19, 2014 IEEE 110th Anniversary Gala at the Pacific Science Center.

From founding fathers to You …….for more than a Century …

In the spring of 1884, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers-the AIEE-was founded in New York. AIEE’s founding fathers include Thomas Edison, the creator of the light bulb and phonograph, and Alexander Graham Bell, who refined Edison’s phonograph and invented the telephone. Together, they fostered this new organization to support professionals in their nascent field and aid them in applying innovation for the betterment of humanity. Together, they revolutionized the world with their technical creativity.

In 1904, AIEE Seattle Section was born as the first West Coast section of the AIEE.

 Guglielmo Marconi’s wireless telegraphy and radio with electrical amplification

led to the birth of a new society in 1912, the Institute of Radio Engineers.

AR-481 Seattle-002


August 1st, 2014

Student League competition Guidelines,

  • Student League Teams may consist of one to five undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking students who are part-time or full-time students. You can involve two additional non-students mentors in management and design aspects of your app, but only students may compete and/or present in the competition. At least 50% member of the team must be IEEE members. You are welcome to join now !!
  • Student participants may not compete on more than one team.
  • The members of the competing team shall account for the majority of the work and resources put into the creation and marketing of the app. You may use third-party software or firm ware frameworks if you have acquired appropriate licenses to use them. You may also uses commercially available hardware such as cell phone, pad, laptop, sensors or other devises.
  • The submission shall contain unique apps that have not already been uploaded online. Please describe the parts of the unique innovation created by the team members. Team members shall control the specified parts of the intellectual rights submitted for competition.
  • All new applications are welcome. New applications such as internet of things and lab of things are encouraged. Please specify any hardware, firmware or software part of the system which contains your innovation during submission.
  • Teams may submit any numbers of app for the competition. The following operating systems are accepted for this competition:
      • iOS
      • Android
      • Windows Phone
      • Fire
  • All code used in official competition entries shall allow Judges look at it during final presentation as part of the Judges Choice awards. Team members retain all rights to their app’s and codes.
  • IEEE Seattle will treat source code like course work handed in as part of taking a class at the university. It will remain private to team members, but judges may examine it.
  • Any team found using plagiarized or unauthorized material will be disqualified at IEEE Seattle’s discretion. For example, do not download non-public domain images and include them in your app. Using an open source library is not plagiarism if you follow the terms of the library’s license agreement, which usually involves giving credit to the open source author or project. Follow any applicable licensing terms carefully. If you use someone’s code, give credit via a comment in the source code and an appropriate acknowledgement in your info/credits screen.
  • IEEE Seattle reserves the right to change and/or otherwise alter these rules at any time and for any reason.


Registration open: Now
Registration Close: September 5th. 2014
Submission: October 5th 2014
Award: October 19th , 2014

Click here to download Student Team Registration


Peoples’ Choice Awards categories: These awards will be based on audience voting at the final event. Votes will be collected from industry experts, your peers and others who attend the IEEE Seattle 110th year anniversary gala.

Judges’ Awards Category: These awards will go to the app that is picked as the judge’s favorites based on several subjective criteria including: quality of the user experience and interface design, quality of the implementation and usefulness of the app and the market impact. Judge will pick the winning team during team presentations in the afternoon of the day of the Gala Sunday ,Oct 19th.

Judged Sustainability and humanitarian Awards Category : These awards will go to the app that is picked as the judge’s favorite showcasing sustainability and used for humanitarian purpose. Apps qualifying for this category shall demonstrate the goal of benefit environmental and humanitarian causes.

Details of awards will be published later based on the choices of corporate sponsors.

Currently, we have following awards proposed;

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s Innovation Award

Senator Maria Cantwell’s Mobile Communication Award

Microsoft award (name TBD) and more…

Team resources can be found courtesy of UC Merced:

July 30th, 2014

Course: Energy Systems (EENG 350)

Eastern Washington University (Seattle Satellite Campus)

Department of Engineering and Design (Electrical Engineering Program)

9600 College Way North, Seattle, WA 98103

Job Description

Eastern Washington University’s Electrical Engineering Satellite Program in Seattle is looking for an Adjunct Faculty to teach an Energy Systems course during the Fall Quarter of 2014.
The Qualified candidate will have:
- A Masters or PhD in Electrical Engineering or related field.
-Be comfortable teaching Senior Electrical Engineering students.

-Course introduces students to different energy sources, and covers topics on methods of electric energy conversion, transformers, and electric machines.

-Instructor is expected to lead laboratory sessions, handling high voltage equipment using state-of-the-art Lab Volt equipment

Please send a CV and a statement of teaching to of call 206-934-4548 with any questions regarding this opportunity.

July 27th, 2014
IEEE Seattle

Engineer It!  Weekend

Dream it !
Make it !

Move it !
Dear Members,

Pacific Science Center is hosting a special Engineer It ! Weekend: Dream it. Make it . Move it.     


There is no cost for IEEE members to offer a table or a booth to exhibit your inspiring and fun gear. Please let me know if you willing to exhibit by Tuesday, July 29th to be listed on the event program.   It is fun and stimulating.   Please bring your children over to enjoy the event even if you do not wish to exhibit.


Sheree Wen , Ph.D

Chair, IEEE Seattle Section. 

A Fun and exciting STEM weekend just  like The Seattle  Science Festival last year !!!

Dates:  Friday, August 22 – Saturday, August 23, 2014
Times:  Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm

  Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Place ;   Pacific Science Center

              200 Second Avenue North
              Seattle, Washington 98109

Working with NCEES, community partners like you and Pacific Science Center’s award-winning exhibit and outreach programs, dozens of hands-on educational activity stations, shows and performances will be interspersed throughout Pacific Science Center’s exhibit halls and courtyard fountains for a two-day Engineer It! Weekend.  Guests will be greeted by Pacific Science Center’s engineering van at the gate, and taken on a journey through the exciting and important fields of engineering and surveying.  Attendees will be provided a passport of available activities directing them to the varied exhibits at Engineer It! Weekend. Admission to Engineer It! Weekend will be included with admission to Pacific Science Center and will be free for Pacific Science Center’s members and for attendees of the NCEES conference.

Open Invitation from Pacific Science Center ………

We invite you to join us by hosting an engineering  activity August 22-23.  Participation is free thanks to generous support from NCEES. If you would like to participate or are interested in more details, please contact Val Kravis, Pacific Science Center’s Event Supervisor directly, at   

Please let her know that you are members of IEEE Seattle.   

wen | | |



June 8th, 2014

IEEE Seattle section heard the shocking news of campus shooting at Seattle Pacific University. We extend our sympathy, prayer and support to the entire Seattle pacific Community. Our Condolences and prayers go to Victims, their families and their friends.
Our webmaster of IEEE Seattle Pacific University student branch , Jon Meis tackled the 26-year-old gunman Aaron Ybarra, who was not a student, and hitting him with pepper spray while he was reloading a shotgun. Ybarra had already injured several victims, one of whom died. Jon Meis put the alleged gunman in a chokehold and held him on the ground until police arrived.
We are proud of our heroic member, Jon Meis. All of us, members of IEEE , we pledge to be leaders to bring peace to our community and the world.
Dr. Sheree Wen
Chair, IEEE Seattle section



April 20th, 2014
Here are a few photos from our IEEE branch’s field trip to the Spark Museum last Saturday.  Nine of us drove up to Bellingham for the day and got to see a wide array of electrical devices.  It was great to see many of the first electrical inventions that paved the way for the EE degree that we are working toward today.
The CEO of the museum, John Jenkins, gave us a tour and showed us his private collection of books that he keeps locked away.  They contained some of the first recorded electrical experiments and formulas like Ohm’s Law!I would highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area!.
Scott Moser
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2014 | Seattle University
Program Committee Chair | IEEE

Spark Museum Visit

Spark Museum Visit


Seattle University Student branch

Ohms Law SM1

April 2nd, 2014

Please note that the April EXCOM meeting has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday APRIL 9th. The meeting location has
also changed to DIGIPEN. Their address is:
Didipen , 9931 Willows Road NE, Redmond
Click here for Directions .

There is a nice cafe at digipen , Please come early around 6pm to join us for dinner.

The senior member meeting is also held at Digipen before Excom ,
Time : 5pm to 6:30pm organized by Joe Decuir.

Please RSVP to for both Senior member training and Excom

February 16th, 2014

On 3rd Thursdays of each month, OEC hold joint meetings with the Seattle Marine Technology and Hydrographic Societies

Web site :
Next meeting: 20 February 2014 ,
Location: Benjamin Hall Hall, Pacific Ave, (Behind North Lake Tavern)
Rm 408, Ocean Sciences Bldg, University of Washington.

Time: 6 PM for Social, 7 PM Dinner and Talk.
Speaker: Dana Manalang, APL-UW
Topic: “RSN”, Tour of Ben hall labs

February 16th, 2014

Date : Wednesday February 26th, 2014
Time : 5:30PM
Location : Alston Grid in Redmond Washington
Speaker : Mani Venkata
Presentation Topic: “Advances in Distribution Automation and Real-Time Operations for Emerging Distribution Systems.”

February 9th, 2014
Thanks to our Section Volunteers at the Fair on Saturday February 8, 2014 at the Boeing Flight Museum
Joe and Robert at IEEE booth

Robert and Joe- IEEE Seattle Section Booth at PSEC engineering Fair Feb. 8,2014



Robert -IEEE Seattle Section Booth at PSEC engineering Fair Feb. 8,2014